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Best hostel we’ve experienced

SoHostel is amazing. They held our luggage for the whole day before check-in time – free of charge. The reception was 24/7 and everyone I saw working was so nice and willing to help. The lounge area is spacious and comfortable (even if a few of the colours were a bit too bright for me). They have a bar that sells good food and drinks at amazing prices (which is super helpful when staying in a very expensive area). The location is awesome – just a quick walk to the underground, with heaps around. I saw the Pamper Parlour and didn’t think it would have anything worth while… When my friend and I actually looked inside it had 5 GHD straighteners and hair dryers, all free for use by any customer! We couldn’t believe it. We had breakfast which was a great start – there wasn’t a crazy amount of variety, but it was still good. Our shower took a while to get hot, but was fine once it did. My friends and I couldn’t stop raving about how great this place is. We definitely recommend.

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Fantastic location

Excellent place to stay, middle of London. Location is great. Clean, quiet, free wifi. Staff mostly nice & helpful. 4-bed dorm
is great value for money. This was my fourth stay and I’m always very pleased to stay here.

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One of the best hostels in the city: great service and position

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Best hostel we’ve experienced

The hostel was great, it was so clean and was in the ideal location in London. We were right beside Oxford street, the night life in SoHo, all the theatres, Chinatown and Convent Garden. A lot of the tourist sites are walking distance too but also will be cheap to get to on the tubes or buses.


I stayed with 3 other friends so we were able to reserve a 4 bed room which was great for us as we had some extra privacy and could chill out together. And the price was brilliant!!! The hostel has great amenities, there’s plenty of shower rooms and toilets, a beauty room, a computer room and a bar area.


We had to leave at 3:00 am so because there’s a 24 hour reception it was so handy. The staff are so friendly as well, all really nice and actually make conversation with you. We’ll definitely be back in the future.

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